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Vintage Perfume Bottle

Vintage Perfume Bottle

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Activate Your Beauty Cabinet

The items you use to groom and take care of yourself represent how you show up in the world, so it’s worth giving them a little extra attention. Like your fridge and pantry, you want to first make sure your beauty cabinet is clean, and remove anything that is expired or no longer useful to you. Then, activate the area by placing a clear quartz crystal in the center.

Clear crystal quartz is a powerful, energizing crystal believed to instill harmony and balance. In crystal healing clear quartz is linked to the crown chakra or sahasrara in Sanskrit, translated as a thousand-petaled.

*Vintage perfume bottles for essential perfumes/ oil/ holy water
*Cosmetics Storage Bottle
*Compact Case of Perfume bottles
*Atomisers Vanity Storage Perfume Bottles

Our artists have professionally hand-polished each piece making them very convenient to use and a true representation of nature and spiritualism. . The unique design and elegant look make this piece a great gifting option.

Used For
Gorgeous vanity decor bedroom decor dining room decor living room decor For Unique Gif, Wedding Gift, Housewarming, Thanks Giving Gifting Ideas.

Dimension: 100 × 70 mm Approx.
Weight: 350 gm Approx.
Chakra: Third Eye
Mined from : Brazil

Gem Info:

Stone: Crystal Quartz

Color: Crystal / white

Chakra: Third Eye
Mined from : Brazil
Soul cleanser | Purity | Awareness | Clarity | Chakra : Third eye


* The most versatile and powerful healing stone there is, due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form.
* It is a master healer and can be used for any and all conditions.
* Stimulates the immune system.
* Brings the body into balance.
* Cleanses and enhances the organs and acts as a deep soul cleanser.
* Enhances and amplifies the properties of other gemstones that surround it.


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