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From the beginning , Our Mission has been to incorporate Crystals in our daily life  

We believe crystals is an expression of our inner self: that it can mean whatever you want; that you can hold  it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever.





“I founded Crystalkari because I experienced magic in the hands  of Indians Craftsman’s was missing the showcase it rightfully deserves. The art pieces created by them need to travel the world and spread the energy in its natural form. To me, the truest expression of Crystalkari is mutual uplift: all of us supporting each other, and you, our community, feeling empowered to invest in yourself and, in turn, the community around you.”

–Prakash Mishra , Founder Crystalkari



                                        Pillars of our Commitment

Ethical and Genuine Sourcing.           

We ensure our Gemstone sourcing is 100 % genuine and ethical ,     



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We are nurturing and empowering a community who believes in themselves and their art ,we highly condemn child labour and we ensure a fair part to  craftsman for their art piece.



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We are determined to deliver best quality handpicked rarity to our customers at fair prices.