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Tiger Eye Meditating Buddha Statue

Tiger Eye Meditating Buddha Statue

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Meditating Buddha Statue

Bring spiritual vibes into your space with this beautiful meditating buddha

Beautiful hand carved buddha made from 100% pure Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's eye is protective and wonderful for grounding. Helps with willpower and self-esteem. A great stone to aid relaxation.

♥ All crystals have been cleansed with sage & charged with Reiki.
Its a Natural Crystal Tiger Eye Buddha Head Statue of  Gemstone Buddha Statue is perfect for Vaastu Buddha Statue & For Yoga Buddha Statue & Home Décor.
All our items Are handmade Gemstones. Designs and art may vary a little to every item because these are natural handmade stone statues. All items are to be made after your order confirmation.)

Handmade Tiger Eye Buddha Gemstone Statue.

Perfect To Décor your home or a perfect gift for your loved ones.

( Statue Can Be Made As Per Your Requirement )

Product details:

Stone - Tiger Eye

160 MM-Length


Weight-1700gm Approx.

Tiger Eye Vaastu

Tiger's Eye has been used as a protective stone against the evil eye and curses for ages. It is a combination of earth and sunstone, so it strengthens self-confidence. Strong self-confidence will turn back any ill will. ... As a power stone, Tiger's Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money, and luck.

Gem Info:

Uses: Known for manifesting inner strength and willpower 

Chakra: Associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra 

Origin: Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, South Africa, the US, and Brazil 

Color: Golden to red-brown 

Zodiac: Capricorn  

Planet: Sun

Healing Properties:

*Manifesting your inner beast -

Life can be overwhelming. Anything from an important meeting to an exciting date can send our minds into a frazzled and anxious state. Sometimes we can’t calm those butterflies in our stomach and we need a moment to bring ourselves to a calm, cool, and collected state before we handle the challenges we face. You can combine  with a simple meditation focused around intention and inner strength to manifest your focus, determination, and confidence. Below is a simple but powerful ritual for building that inner strength. 

*Style it for protection-

Across many civilizations spanning the globe, tiger’s eye stone has been considered as a guardian gemstone. Ancient warriors are known to have incorporated it into their armor and it is said to have been used as a protective tool when exploring unfamiliar territories and facing formidable enemies.  

Today, tiger’s eye is used as a centerpiece or accent in all kinds of jewelry. It’s most commonly featured in bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Any one of these is an excellent tool to help ward off negative energy. This can come directly from other people or your environment. Since tiger eye stones used for this purpose are exposed to large amounts of this potentially harmful energy

 *Protecting your space-

You can use tiger eye as a tool to help repel negative energy in your home, office or garden. Forms such as obelisks and pyramids are great tools as their shapes can help channel the gemstone’s energy in a particular direction. You can place a piece of tigers eye in each windowsill or by every doorway. This way you can banish any harmful energy before it enters your space. 


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