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Rose Quartz Visiting Card Holder

Rose Quartz Visiting Card Holder

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Rose Quartz Visiting Card Holder 

A beautiful Pink Rose quartz  Gemstone Hand carving Visiting Card Holder. Perfect Stunning Gift For Personalized Business card Holder ,Custom card holder with Elegant Office ware Corporates Office card holder Gifts in Rose quartz Gemstone Office Accessories & Desk Decor .
Having this piece of Rose Quartz specially mined from Madagascar will add charm and convenience to your living room, reception as well as your workspace. Own this unique piece and let the yes fall on it. Being sophisticated is one of its most elegant features. It creates a sober look and impresses the visitor. Radiating a sense of well-being is a must-to-do task for this piece specially designed for you!

Dimension: 1.65 × 3.35 Inch Approx.
Base dim- 18 mm to 32mm approx.
Weight: 232 gm Approx.
Stone name: Rose quartz

Healing Properties:

Soul cleanser | Purity | Awareness | Clarity | Love| Chakra: Heart Chakra.

 Rose Quartz is intricately connected to the heart chakra, and this crystal is often used in helping the heart heal from the pain or trauma left from deep emotional wounds.

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