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Rose Quartz Tea Light Candle Holder

Rose Quartz Tea Light Candle Holder

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Being the ‘Lord Of Romance’ of gemstones, there lies a huge responsibility on my shoulders. Spreading love and compassion in the era of war is quite a task. Apart from emotional help I also ensure health perfection of the people around me. Compassion, romance, calmness is a must have in the room in which I stay. I will continue to follow the oath taken by me to spread positive well being.

Rose quartz is a heart stone with a beautiful pinkish hue due to the presence of titanium. Having this masterpiece of the phenomenal stone specially mined from India will provoke guests to appreciate your taste in home decor and will as well add charm and convenience to your living room as well as your dining room. It is believed that it helps one overcome depression and other mental ailments. The pink color it imparts adds a sober and decent look to the entire room. Radiating a sense of well- being is a must to do task for this piece specially designed for you!

Chakra: Heart
Dimension: 80 × 60 × 40 mm Approx.
Weight: 590 gm Approx.
Mined From : India
Zodiac Sign : None
Stone name : Rose Quartz
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