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Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pointed Healing Wand

Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pointed Healing Wand

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Beautiful Rose Quartz Healing Wands

These wands have a nice heavy feeling and are amazing to hold. These rose quartz wand have a "Pointed type design".
These wands are great for massage work, reiki, and magical or ritual use. The curves and twists on these wands are perfectly shaped to hit those sensitive spots for more personal type use, truly giving you a magical moment.
Rose Quartz is the gemstone of love and romance. The feminine essence of Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra, calms and clears the emotional body, and releases stress, anger, tension and fear. Enhancing our ability to experience compassion for others, Rose Quartz heals imbalances of the heart and reprograms our cells for joy and longevity.

Dimension: 125 × 23 × 23 mm Approx.
Weight: 110 gm Approx.

Gem info:

Mined from : Madagascar
Zodiac Signs : All
Stone name : Rose Quartz



Signs: Libra, Taurus Chakra: Heart

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