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Opal Laptop Mobile Placement Tray

Opal Laptop Mobile Placement Tray

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Opal Placement Tray

Perfect for Office Decor , Use the tray as placement for Laptops , Organizers, Cellphone.
Sumptuous Collection to your Serving Tray Range !!!
A perfect Gifting Decorative Tray includes 5000 carats of Natural Ethiopian Opal Crystals

Dimensions and other Specification included as one of the Picture


330mm x 230mm x 10mm
weight - 1000gm approx.

Ethiopian opal is believed to be an emotional intensifier, enhancing the true nature of those who wear it. Some say it strengthens the will to live and shields the wearer against negativity, burning off karma.

ETHIOPIAN OPAL Healing Properties :

Ethiopian comes in many colors. However, its dominant colors have been deployed to represent and excite the chakras. The white Ethiopian opal energy activates the Crown Chakra, the epicenter of spirituality that allows wearers to interact with divinity. The white energy offers peace and wisdom and binds the user to the source of universal force. In addition, it transforms and eliminates negative energies while stabilizing your aura. Moreover, it may also turn on the Third Eye Chakra, which dispels negative energy and controls your body’s energy flow.

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