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Labradorite Candle Holder

Labradorite Candle Holder

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What happens when you put crystals around a candle:

This stone influences human intuition and brings good luck due to its unique vibrations. Labradorite is an indispensable aid in situations where it seems that a person is fixated on a certain moment and this does not allow him to move forward.
What happens when you put crystals around a candle?

What happens when you put crystals around a candle?
Each of our candles are infused with different crystals, each crystal works on a different chakra and vibrates at a different level to offer healing and promote a healthy energy vibration in your space.

labradorite do spiritually?
Spiritual: Labradorite spiritual meaning energizes your imagination to create new ideas, bringing clarity to your inner self, bring peace, promote the third eye, encourages truth, flexibility, awakens freedom and balance, easy flow of energy within the body, and natural release.

Having this piece of labradorite specially mined from Madagascar will add charm and convenience to your living room as well as your work space. The light it reflects gives a royal effect in the home décor. Own this piece and let the yes fall on it. Being sophisticated is one of its most elegant features. Radiating a sense of well- being is a must to do task for this piece specially designed for you!

Dimension : 125 x 85 x 35 mm Approx.
Weight : 680 gm Approx.
Mined From : Madagascar
Stone name : Labradorite
Transformation | Positive Change | Strength | Perseverance | Chakra: Throat

Labradorite healing Properties:

Labradorite is considered a tremendously spiritual stone, especially helpful for people who tend to overwork. It helps an individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself. In the metaphysical world, labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors.
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