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Crystal Point Obelisk Tower

Crystal Point Obelisk Tower

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Each tower is cut and polished! Faceted tower stones with an apex at the top. Many like to use stones with an apex to direct energy in their crystal grids or mediation practices. Great for chakra work, reiki, or just to add to your stone collection. 

Dimension: 17 × 17 × 95 mm Approx.
Weight: 40 gm Approx.
Chakra: Third Eye
Mined from : Brazil
Zodiac Signs : All
Stone name : Clear Quartz

Uses: Amplifying intentions and energy from other stones

Gem Info:

Chakra: Associated with the Crown Chakra

Origin: USA, Brazil and Madagascar

Color: Clear, White 

Zodiac: All

Planet: All

Healing Properties:

*Supercharge your morning routine

* Optimize your crystal compositions

*Deepen your meditation

*Manifesting clarity 




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