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Crystal Quartz Wand

Crystal Quartz Wand

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The Master Rock star”

I’m abundant but still one of the best. I have my family spread out in a great dimension for good. Our sole purpose is to cleanse your soul and bring the best in you and also to filter all the thoughts you generate. I am your master but i treat you like mine and provide the right direction you need. Exclusively made for the impatient mind containing thousands of empty thoughts.


Dimension : 12*12* 75 mm Approx.
Weight : 20 gm Approx.


Dimension : 20*20*100 mm Approx.
Weight : 40 gm Approx.

Chakra: Third Eye
Mined from : Brazil
Zodiac Signs : All
Stone name : Clear Quartz

Soul cleanser | Purity | Awareness | Clarity | Chakra : Third Eye
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