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Crystal Quartz Ipad Base Plates

Crystal Quartz Ipad Base Plates

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Soul cleanser | Purity | Awareness | Clarity | Chakra : Third eye

Dimension: 160 X 155 X 10 mm approx.
Weight: 500 gm approx.
Chakra: Third Eye
Mined from : Brazil
Zodiac Signs : All
Stone name : Clear Quartz

Clear Crystals are known for amplifying the energy and for their healing power.
It's not only helpful for increasing concentration but it is popularly used for healing the chakras.
Looking at such unique properties, our artisans have developed round and square shaped plates making it suitable to serve as a multipurpose craft.
- Plate Stand for Mobile
- Plate Stand for wrist watches
-Plate Stand for accessories like wallet, keys, memorable etc.
- Even can go as semi-gemstone precious crystal tiles for your table top and even on the floor for that exclusive statement looking surrounding around your office or home.

*Glowing Plates- Crystal Shine*

Our beautifully hand carved plates can be used on glass table for a beautiful glowing look with the lights under them.
It's usage is depicted as and how in the photo.

* Cooling Plate- Keep your Cool*

The plate, on top of all the other beautiful benefits of the gemstone this is carved from, serves a major purpose which is to keep one cool.
One always encounters times in a day where he/she loses their temper and wishes for something really cool to calm their senses.
This plate is the perfect Cooling plate with a rare combination of it's healing and concentration properties.
One would probably not require a stress ball if the situation can be cooled down.

For all the utilities, please refer to the pics for a better understanding.
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