About Us


Crystals for ages have been valued not just for their beauty but for their healing power on mind, body & soul. Crystals have got a very strong presence and belongs to Yoga & Healing for the fact that each crystal is made up of elements that attends to your specific chakra.

Our elementary energy is so much in distress and underutilised that despite evolving, we have a big question to attend, are we really all set to take up this meta-intelligence era? The answer is May be “No”, we need to fix ourselves as energy and elements first through thousands of year-old peaceful practices like Yoga & Meditation, Yoga & Meditation is a way of living that mankind has practiced for years and have been a proven science to achieve that blissful state of mind for a very productive human being.  

Crystals can serve as a powerful symbol of our inner light & often seen as representation of our hidden beauty. Yoga & Crystals are both the greatest masters in transformation. That’s why crystal & yoga are so closely related.

Crystals takes on a miracle shape and colour in harsh condition over time, under extreme temperature and pressure, reminding us that change is not just possible but also inevitable. These Crystals strongly support us to unblock our potential to grow and transform in our daily life.

Crystalkari ensures that we have crystals for everyone and for every corner of your life “WE DO NEED CRYSTALS IN LIFE AS MUCH AS PRAYERS & WISHES” to lead a meaningful and excelling life. 

With its soul in the hand of artisans coming together to bring life to what most of us see as JUST ROCKS, Crystalkari is a romance that goes around the rocks & a miracle emanating from Artist Hand’s & Heart around those authentic treasures from Mother Earth to knock your door with PEACE | WEALTH | HARMONY | BALANCE | POSITIVITY | CONFIDENCE | PERSONA | GOOD HEALTH |

Crystalkari promises an array of artistic product from authentically sourced genuine gemstones by the superlative craftsman that guarantees not just a scienceful energy but a statement around you.